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The maximum height of a man is 1 meter 60 centimeters. In women, this disease is extremely rare, female height is no more than 1 meter 46 centimeters. The presence of the disease manifests itself even in childhood, the child suffers from stiffness of movements, seizures of limb cramps and muscle atrophy. Timely diagnosis will allow you to start treatment therapy on time and fully recover.

In children, selenium deficiency causes particular difficulties. First of all, physical growth is inhibited, mental activity is delayed. The lack of cotrimoxazole can cause the death of a newborn, especially for boys. It leads to the development of cystic fibrosis - this is a hereditary pathology, during which the synthesized selenium-containing enzyme is modified, pancreatic fibrosis is formed. At school age, the child begins to complain of severe fatigue, anxiety, weak mental activity (lagging behind in school), aggressiveness and muscular dystrophy.

If selenium is not included in the diet of children, there will be changes in the functioning of the endocrine system. In adolescents, the deficiency of the element negatively affects the development of the reproductive system. In girls, the ovaries do not form properly, causing menstrual irregularities. Subsequently, there are difficulties in conceiving and bearing a child. In boys, dysfunction of the genital organs occurs, the ability to fertilize is lost, and infertility develops.

Selenium deficiency is hypomicroelementosis, which results in metabolic, hormonal, immune, and cognitive impairments. Selenium deficiency underlies the development of many pathological conditions. Keshan disease, ur disease, hypothyroidism and cretinism, reproductive failure, immunodeficiency, oncopathology. Selenium status is examined by determining the concentration of the trace element in biological media (urine, blood), skin appendages (hair, nails). Correction of trace element deficiency includes diet therapy, the appointment of biological additives.

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Causes Risk factors Pathogenesis Symptoms of selenium deficiency Keshan's disease Kashin-Beck's disease Other manifestations Complications Diagnosis Treatment of selenium deficiency Prognosis and prevention Prices for treatment. Selenium deficiency states can develop as a result of insufficient consumptionmicroelement bleed with food, its non-assimilation or increased consumption during normal intake. The main etiological factor is the low content of selenium in soil, water, plant and animal agricultural products and, consequently, in the diet of the population. Other reasons.

The nature of nutrition. Nutritional factors of selenium deficiency include unbalanced diets (including mono-diets, starvation, raw food diet), anorexia, parenteral nutrition. The threat of developing microelementosis is experienced by infants who are exclusively breastfed by mothers with hyposelenosis or who receive artificial mixtures without additional complementary foods. selenium indigestion. This mechanism of formation of Se deficiency is realized in patients suffering from malabsorption, chronic diarrhea, dysbacteriosis, and alcohol dependence. Also at risk for hypovitaminosis and hypomicroelementosis are persons who have undergone bariatric surgery, resection of cotrimoxazole online.